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8 things DJ’s & Artists can do to Corona proof their business!

Here's a small list of a few simple steps DJ's, musicians or anyone for that matter, can do to maximise your time & output during this pandemic.

Just want to shed light on the evident stand still in the music entertainment & live event industry & what we’re doing to cope.

As you can imagine with the current social distancing and gathering precautions most of our shows & performances stands cancelled with out further notice & it is essential & the right thing to do no doubt. But it is equally alarming & raises a concern for us as unlike most of the celebrities who are posting similar updates, asking everyone to hang back & wait it out till this passes, budding/upcoming artists & the newer event companies don’t necessarily have reserves or cashflow required to pull through such a catastrophe if it prolongs more than a few months. Let us use this time to rethink & re-evaluate our business. Look at new ways of staying proactive & engaged in our craft, maybe look at alternative/affiliate businesses we can venture into that could help us sustain.

As much as business is important, it is equally essential to keep our mental health in the right place & take up few of those tasks you’ve been putting off for a while.

Here are a few things you can do:

1. Work on music

2. Rethink your branding & communication strategy

3. Create content

4. Decide on one snowball skill and spend 30 minutes every day on it. Snowball skills are skills that may not be directly related to your existing job but make you better at it so that whatever you already do snowballs into bigger and better results. For us it could be learning a new instrument or understanding social media & how to leverage it or music marketing/streaming and how to grow your fan base. You need to find one that would catapult your business if you possessed that skill.

5. Stay physically fit. Home workouts & basic exercises.

6. Look for new & possible collaborations

7. Network/Speak to an artist/industry stalwart that you look upto and find out how they’re coping with this situation.

8. Support & look-out for each other

This could be adapted to any field, with minor changes.

The easiest thing to do is to curl up into a ball of laziness and sleep for eternity. We urge you not to & hopefully you find this helpful & get to work!

Know with absolute certainty that this episode will change things for people and business everywhere. The security you have now may cease to exist and only the ones who act now will be able to come out with financial, mental and physical victory.

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