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4 Productivity tips for DJs & Producers

1) pick top 3 tasks for the day

- Cultivate a habit of picking 3 tasks to complete in a day & actually finish them.

- Consistent action repeatedly gives you massive results.

2) Block a whole day or half a day for tasks that might need more time.

- Tasks like song writing, updating your music, Scheduling & creating content for social media, etc.

- Put it on your calendar & have everything ready before you start.

- Treat it like a game: divide it into sections to make it seem easily doable & reward yourself after you complete each section. (Celebrate small wins)

3) Declutter your work environment.

- a clean environment keeps your mind fresh and enables you to be more creative.

4) Visualise your success

- Spend 5 to 10 mins to visualise your success - when you wake up, or during your breaks or before you go to bed.

- picture yourself reaching a major musical goal. what does it look like? feel like? What do you hear? Capture as much of that moment & anchor it.

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